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                           Workshop with PETER ROBER

      Chairperson: Marco Schneider

                                       Discussant: Lisa Lever e Valeria Ugazio                                              

                                        Translation of Stella Guarnieri

                                    Saturday, the 28th of October 2017

                        Fondazione Ambrosianeum, Via delle Ore, 3- Milano

                                                     9.15 -18.00

In family therapy conversations there is always a tension between speaking and keeping silent. The dialectic of openness and closeness, sharing and not sharing, revealing and concealing  characterizes the therapeutic conversation with families. In th  e space between what is said and not said, the therapist can find useful chances but also complexities which is difficult to deal with. How can  we face this complex dialectic? And the secrets?   Discussing some clinical cases, Peter Rober will seek to feel in the disquieting void left by the hidden and untold stories.


PETER ROBER      is a Belgian psychotherapist. Full Professor of Clinical Psychology at The Institute for family and Sexuality Studies, Medicine Faculty of University of Leuven, is responsible of Context - Centre of Marital and Family Therapy. His main interests are the therapeutic process with families and silence and secrets in families. He recently: In Therapy together. Family therapy as dialogue, Palgrave, London 2017.
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Workshop fee: € 102,00

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